Junk Removal San Diego, California

Tito’s Hauling offers thousands of clients with an excellent junk removal service in San Diego, California. Tito’s Hauling Service is a family owned and operated business. We have been helping the people of San Diego clear trash and clutter since 2001.

q We specialize in helping homeowners, property consultants and contractors with the removal of unwanted removal from properties. We can haul debris of all types, even discarded furniture and appliances.

We are a locally owned company and we employ well-trained individuals at our organization. Our service is also covered by insurance, so you never have to worry about any unforeseen incidents. You don’t have to spend your effort and time moving the junk to outside. Our team can arrive and have the junk moved in a matter of hours. We are considered to be one of the best junk removal services in San Diego; our hard work and commitment has helped us develop a reputation for excellence.

How to hire a junk removal service in San Diego, California?


You can contact Tito’s Hauling Service at your convenience and we will schedule the junk removal at your leisure. You can also get in touch with us to inquire about the prices that we charge, which are the lowest in the city of San Diego. Our representative will provide you with a free estimate for the junk removal service, depending on your location in San Diego.

Our team will arrive at your location and start the work after your go ahead. We operate well-maintained and clean trucks in our service. The junk removal will be performed under your supervision if required. Our team can also operate on their own in case you don’t have the time to oversee the removal.

You will not be charged anything extra for the labor, no matter where the junk is located on the property. The upfront cost is all that you will be charged for the junk removal services in San Diego. After all the clutter is removed from the location, if need be, our team can also clean up the area. You will not be disappointed with the services we provide you with.