Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the trash, garbage and clutter on your property, not when Tito’s Hauling Services is here with their junk removal service in El Cajon, California. Tito’s Hauling Service is a family owned and operated business. We have been helping the people of San Diego clear trash and clutter since 2001.

CYMERA_20141214_070243 We are a local business that operates in various parts of California and offers unmatched junk removal services.

When you expect to pay your hard earned money to a junk removal service, make sure that they will remove anything and everything that you want to be gone from your home or office. The best way to ensure that you get the best junk removal service in El Cajon is to contact Tito’s Hauling Services. We provide professional trash removal, hauling and cleanup services to clients. You can get a myriad of service from one single company and not spend extra cash on hiring multiple companies to take care of different aspects of junk removal.

The Junk Removal Process in El Cajon

The best quality of Tito’s Hauling Services is that we are very careful with the disposal of the items we remove from people’s properties. We don’t want it to harm the environment in any CYMERA_20141214_124051way, so we go to great pains in ensuring that all the junk is discarded in the most efficient way possible. If there are recyclable materials in the junk, then you can be sure that we will bring it to a facility that can recycle it. Otherwise, we will take it a landfill and dump it.

We can help clients in El Cajon with the removal of old appliances, business equipment, furniture, professional cleanout, construction waste, debris, yard trash, and every other type of junk that is taking up space on your property.

Tito’s Hauling Services is one of the best junk removal services in El Cajon. We always try to deliver the type of service that clients can rely on. Forget your worries of getting rid of the junk and get in touch with us anytime. We will take all the clutter off your hands and leave no mark of the junk behind.